Top 2013 IIT and NIT colleges in India

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  • The list of top 2013 IIT and NIT colleges in India is explained below. In the last meeting between Human Resource development Minister, Kapil Sibal and IIT council, A new compromise formula was introduced. According to the last meeting, IIT’s are agreeing to come up with common entrance exam with certain conditions. Now, you people are eager to know the condition on which IIT’s are agree with common entrance exam? IIT council put forward a suggestion of including the weightage of class XII marks in IIT-JEE selection process. Finally, Government of India agree with the weightage of class XII and new formula come up which is know with the name of ISEET 2013 exam.

    Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test

    Now, you are thinking that what does ISEET exam mean? And how it different from AIEEE and IIT-JEE exam. So, I am clearing your doubt regarding the common entrance exam. A separate AIEEE exam for the various engineering colleges in India is merged with the IIT-JEE exam and a new collaborated word comes, which is none other than ISEET exam. It is the combination of AIEEE and IIT-JEE exams. If you heard this word then it means both AIEEE and IIT-JEE.

    From now onwards, you will study about the ISEET 2013 exam and not about individual IIT-JEE and AIEEE exam. If you prepared well for ISEET exam 2013 then IIT-JEE and AIEEE exams are included in it. So, it is my advice to hunt for ISEET 2013 exam syllabus and paper pattern. I have made an explanation on the ISEET 2012 exam pattern and syllabus. By following the previous link, you can know the new exam pattern of the ISEET as explained by the IIT council and Union Ministry.

    The selection process of ISEET exam 2013 involves three exams; class XII marks, Mains marks and Advance marks. In order to get entry in IIT-JEE through ISEET 2013 exam, you must be among the top 20 percent students of your state. It does not matter to which board you belong because board percentage marks are not compared with any other board. The inter-cross percentage between different boards is not compared.

    This is good news for students who are perusing class XII from state boards. As it is believe that state board percentage marks is always less in comparison to CBSE percentage. So, something good feast for state board students to cheer.

    Now, coming back to Mains and Advance exam, it is expected that mains exam consist of Aptitude questions like logical reasoning, critical reasoning and comprehensions. While on the other hand, Advance exam includes logical based science stream questions of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

      Top 2013 IIT’s and NIT’s colleges in India


    IIT college lists
    NIT list of colleges

    list of NIT college
    After the integration of IIT’s, NIT’s and AIEEE exam into ISEET exam 2013, you need to know about Top 2013 IIT’s and NIT’s colleges and institutes that supports ISSET 2013 exam in India. Here is the list of Top 2013 IIT’s and NIT’s colleges in India

    After reading the List of top 2013 IIT’s and NIT’s colleges in India, you are in good position to select the best college for you. It specifies the location of the colleges and thus helps students to select best IIT or NIT college in India. Moreover, you can also know the selection process and other details of the ISEET exam 2013. The link is given below-

    Review ISEET 2013 exam details- ISEET exam 2013 preparation tips

    I hope that above information will help you decide best college for you. If you have any questions and doubt regarding any of the above college then leave your comment below. Keep in touch with for getting latest updates on ISSET exam 2013.


    Rahul Roshan said...

    sir, plz clarify about those aspirants whose 3rd chance in aieee is left………plz help sir, its about many students future…..


    chirag sachdeva said...


    It is my personal advice to take admission in some private college because this is your third chance to appear again in the exam. This time, eligibility criteria for Top NIT and IIT colleges are difficult and confusive.

    There are many colleges for AIEEE and If you want to take admission in AIEEE colleges then you can get any but as far as IIT-JEE 2013 exam concerned then according to few notifications, concession is not given about 2011 batch students.

    Only IIT Kanpur gives concession to 2012 batch students and confirmation is yet to come from other colleges. We are waiting for the official notification from IIT council and Human Council. Once notification comes then we will let you know.

    Till then keep visit the examsexpert for getting IIT-JEE 2013 exams update.

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