How to apply AIEEE (JEE mains) 2013 exam application forms online?

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  • The students who are hunting for the IIT-JEE and AIEEE are keen to know about the AIEEE (JEE mains) 2013 exam application forms. The students are clueless regarding the IIT-JEE and AIEEE exam pattern especially the 2011 and 2012 pass out students. They are asking questions like will they eligible in 2013 IIT-JEE, ISEET or AIEEE exam.

    The first thing I want to clear is,  that students of 2011, 2012 and 2013 can apply for AIEEE (JEE mains) 2013 exam. The whole scenario whether you are eligible for IIT-JEE or not, will be explained later in this article.

    The AIEEE (JEE mains) 2013 application forms are available from the 1st November 2012. The AIEEE (JEE mains) 2013 application forms are available online and not available for physical sale at any of the bank branches.

    If you are looking for AIEEE (JEE mains) 2013 application forms download link, AIEEE (JEE mains) 2013 application fee, AIEEE (JEE mains) 2013 online application registration, AIEEE (JEE mains) 2013 last date to apply etc. You can check the AIEEE (JEE mains) 2013 admission procedure and other details by following the link given below-

    The application form download link is given above. You can check AIEEE (JEE mains) 2013 exams and other details from above link.

    AIEEE (JEE mains) 2013 exam eligibility criteria for AIEEE, NIT and IIT students

    I know, many of you are clueless regarding the AIEEE (JEE mains) 2013 exam eligibility criteria for AIEEE, NIT and IIT student. The AIEEE exam is named as JEE mains 2013 exam. So, instead of searching AIEEE material, you must search JEE mains 2013 material. The eligibility criteria for JEE mains 2013 exam include following-

    For NIT, AIEEE and other colleges, 40 percent weightage for the class 12th marks and 60 percent weightage is for the AIEEE (JEE mains) 2013 exams. In order to get admission in engineering colleges like NIT, AIEEE etc. you must appear in the AIEEE (JEE mains) 2013 exam. The 2011,2012 and 2013 students can appear in the AIEEE (JEE mains) exam for colleges other than IIT.

    The IIT colleges include different criteria such that, in order to be eligible for IIT, you must be among top 20 percent in your state board in class 12th. If you are among the top 20 percent then you have to appear in AIEEE (JEE mains) and IIT-JEE (JEE advance) exam. AIEEE (JEE mains) 2013 is just a prelim exam for students eligible for IIT. 

    While on the other hand, IIT-JEE (JEE advanced) exam is like a merit exam for IIT students. The 2012 and 2013 batch students can appear in the exam. Moreover, 2012 batch percentage will be compared with 2013 batch students.

    So, from the above conclusion, it is clear that AIEEE (JEE mains) exam include different means for different students. 

    How to apply AIEEE (JEE mains) 2013 exam application forms online?

    The students are required to access the AIEEE (JEE mains) 2013 exams application form which is easily available with respect to the link given below-

    Once you access the AIEEE (JEE mains 2013 application form then next step is to fill the details, submit fee and submit the form to AIEEE (JEE mains) examination cell. The complete schedule regarding “how to apply AIEEE (JEE mains) 2013 exam application form” will be available in November 2012.

    The CBSE also listed the facilitation centers for the help of the students.No fee or charges for the CBSE help centers. You can check the CBSE help center of your zone from above link. If you have any doubt regarding the AIEEE (JEE mains) 2013 exams then leave your comment below. We are happy to serve you with better services.


    Nancy D'costa said...

    Very informative post indeed.. being enrolled in :
    I was looking for such articles online to assist me and your valuable post will definitely helped me a lot:)

    utkarsh said...

    will nios improvement exam marks get weightage in jee-main 2013 exam???
    i have olready passed class XIIth in 2011 and want to improve upon my marks...
    plz do reply....

    chirag sachdeva said...


    2012 pass out students eligibility criteria for JEE advanced is 60 percent. The improvement in 5 CBSE subjects is compulsary for previous batch students and do not know about NIOS board.

    JEE mains( AIEEE) will have 60 percent weightage and 40 percent weightage is for class 12th.

    So, prepare well for NIOS board so that you can take advantage of 40 percent weightage.

    utkarsh said...

    So u are sure that nios mark will get weightage in jee main 2013....??
    since we can apply improvement in max. 4 subjects only in nios and cbse is asking improvement in 5 subjects...
    Can i give cbse improvement exam??

    chirag sachdeva said...


    Your class 12th weightage is 40 percent whether you are from CBSE, state or NIOS board. The merit students prefer CBSE or state board. NIOS board is for those who cannot appear in regular routine. The good option for those who want class 10th and 12th degree and not effective means for students who want high percentage.

    Thats what I think, it is your choice to appear in any Board. Weightage of all exams will be computed for JEE mains( AIEEE) 2013 exams.

    utkarsh said...

    i have no other option except nios, so i will have to go with it....

    Akanksha Rai said...

    sir i've done a mistake in filling online form of jee mains 2013. i've filled wrong d.o.b. sir how can i mke change in that.... or can i fill another form...nd in case of no changes will i'll be able to get admissn after selection????

    chirag sachdeva said...

    Akanksha Rai,

    You must contact the JEE mains 2013 at their email id i.e.-

    It is my request to all students that fill the application form carefully, after reading full instructions.

    Chaynika Mukherjee said...

    During da online enrollment procedure, payment via Debit card is requiring an ATM Pin for authentication ...What is dat all abt?? It always gvs a security error everytime I try to enroll via my Debit card(irrespective of whatever Bank I enroll through)..Please lemmi knw asap! Ths is frustrating!

    chirag sachdeva said...


    The pin is secure ATM Number and you can also create your online transaction pin by verifying your ATM pin/ card cvv. The security error comes because you have entered wrong pin or either your account name doesnot match with the transaction name.

    Check and verify card number, date of expiry and all other details.

    Rizwan Alam said...

    I have fail in cbse class 12th in 2012......& i m going to give exam in 2013 through NIOS board....jee mains consider NIOS board.............Plz reply

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