How to correct mistakes in JEE mains 2013 application form?

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  • Have you made mistake in JEE mains 2013 application form and want to correct it again. Some students choose paper 1, some choose paper 2 and some by mistake entered both paper 1 and paper 2. The fee for both individual paper 1 and paper 2 are different from both collective papers.

    Some by mistake choose computer based test and some choose pen and pencil based mode. There are many who did mistakes while filling the JEE mains 2013 application form online. The information and example given below, will help you to get out of it.

    Example 1- Filled wrong paper 1 and paper 2 choice

    Some students made mistake while selecting the paper 1 and paper 2 in the JEE mains 2013 application form. Good news for the students that they can change paper 1 and paper 2 in second week of January 2013.

    Example 2- Filled wrong pen, paper and computer mode

    The candidates who are willing to fill pen and pencil mode and by mistake select computer mode have no option to edit the JEE mains 2013 application form. Whatever option you filled in the JEE mains application form, you have to stick to it. You cannot revert back your choice.

    Example 3- Filled wrong exam center

    If you filled wrong choice of exam center then you cannot allowed making a change in JEE mains 2013 application form. The exam center cannot be reverted back.

    Example 4- Wrong Email Address in JEE mains application form

    I received many complaints from students that they have filled wrong Email address in the JEE mains 2013 application form. The wrong email address will create confirmation and other problems for you.  You can correct your email id mistake in second week of January 2013.  

    Example 5- Forget to put signatures and photo in JEE mains application form

    The candidates, who forget to put signatures, thumb impression and signatures of parents / guardian, forget to mention email address and forget to paste photographs are required to download duplicate copy of the confirmation page, complete the JEE mains 2013 application form and then sent the form to JEE mains 2013 exam cell.

    Example 6- Wrong Draft Number in JEE mains application form

    If you enter wrong draft number then you need to confirm the same from JEE mains exam cell because a little change can make lot of difference. You need to mail at with your application number and ask for the solution.

    I suggest that do not wait for the January second week, if you enter wrong draft number. Mail them at JEE mains email address or you can call at CBSE toll free number because JEE mains is handled by CBSE.

    Example 7- FEE structure in JEE mains 2013 application form

    The examination fee for paper 1 and paper-2 are same but not same for both paper 1 and paper 2. What if someone changed paper 1 to both paper 1 and paper 2, and paper 2 to both paper 1 and paper 2? In that case, your exam fees need to be changed. What to do in that case is not included in the official notice of the JEE mains.

    How to correct mistakes in JEE mains 2013 application forms?

    I have started various examples. Check in which example you fall in and then compute the same steps for your mistakes. In this way, you can correct your mistakes in JEE mains application form.  The JEE mains team noticed that students are committing mistakes in online registration. So, board decided to include special landing for those who made mistake in JEE mains 2013 form.

    You can also submit your mistakes to JEE mains 2013 team with this url-

    You can easily correct your mistakes by following the above examples. If you have anything to ask then let me know.


    #@@AnUPAm@@## said...

    I have opted for wrong exam centre for JEE advance though i havn't paid the fee yet but i have got registered and have an application no.Can i apply again?or else i will be given a choice for exam centre again while filling up JEE advnce form later?

    chirag sachdeva said...


    As per the above article, you cannot change JEE mains 2013 exam center. The official JEE mains notification strictly mention that changing of the exam center and city is not applicable for students.

    Shubham Sharma said...

    i have mistakingly selected paper 2 instead of paper 1 in my form.that can be corrected in january but my 2nd choice for exam center was mumbai but mumbai is not availabe as a centre for paper 1. can that cause rejection in my application....... pls help i m worried..

    chirag sachdeva said...

    Shubham Sharma,

    Cannot guess right now. JEE mains 2013 team will decide what to do?

    Vikram Singh said...

    i forgot to take the signature of the attesting officer in the block on the confirmation page and i have alredy posted the confirmation page along with demand draft ,please tell me what can i do?

    chirag sachdeva said...


    You can make changes in January 2013 month through new page especially for students who made mistakes while filling the JEE mains 2013 application form.

    kanika narang said...

    i didn't use the photograph with name and date printed on it.. is this an issue? should i resend my form now? plz reply asap

    chirag sachdeva said...

    Kanika narang,

    Download the duplicate confirmation page and paste photo with name and date and then send to JEE main team for verification.

    akhil said...

    hi, can i get back the fee paid for paper 2
    i only want to take paper 1 exam
    i have paid 1400 for both the papers

    is that possible on second week of january
    please help meee

    Sahil Goyal said...

    i have sent my form of iit mains in a normal size envelop not in an A4 size but my all other informations are correct .please tell me what to do?

    Sahil Goyal said...

    i have sent my conformation page of iit mains in a normal size envelop .I have emailed to cbse but they don't answered and also not responding to their toll free no.please tell me what to do?

    chirag sachdeva said...


    The CBSE notification does not specify anything about payment. It is written in prospectus that application fee is non-refundable. So, I do not think it is refundable.

    chirag sachdeva said...


    Already answered.

    chirag sachdeva said...


    You cannot do anything. Call again and again at toll free numbers for confirmation. If submitted documents do not represent good condition then chances are there that JEE mains 2013 application form will be rejected.

    blue_irony said...

    The photo i pasted on the form has my name as well the date on the same line, and not under the date. Could this result in rejection of form?

    chirag sachdeva said...


    If it does not look blurred then no problem else chances are there that photo will be rejected.

    Mohit Yadav said...

    sir i had filled wrong category(obc-ncl) and i want to change it to general tell me how can i do it??

    chirag sachdeva said...


    You need to submit the JEE mains 2013 confirmation page to JEE mains 2013 cell before 12th December 2012 else you are not provided with correction page to edit page to change your obc category to General.

    In month of January, JEE mains 2013 cell will give chance to students to rectify their mistakes but only to those, who submitted confirmation letter before 26th December 2012.

    Mohit Yadav said...

    then why have you written 12th december over here
    please explain

    Mohit Yadav said...

    then why have u written 12 december over here

    chirag sachdeva said...


    Sorry, By mistake I have written 12th December. Exact is 26th December 2012.

    chirag sachdeva said...


    I apologize for wrong date. Actually, it is 26th December 2012.

    Sonali Sood said...

    Sir i have send the form, my photograph is attested but my name and date is not written on it.. Should i send another duplicate confirmation page and if so what to do with demand draft as i have already send the original with the first form but i do have its copy

    prateek said...

    hey chirag i made some mistake in entering year of clearing class 10th, that is 2010, and it should be 2011, Please tell me some corrective measure, and also , i havnt submitted the form yet, demand draft and application no, everything is with me, tell me corrective measure, so that i submit my form asap, please

    chirag sachdeva said...

    Sonali Sood,

    Ask from the JEE mains 2013 team and send the confirmation page with newly attested photo with name and date. Also, mention one letter saying about the duplicate confirmation page.

    But still suggest you to ask from the JEE mains 2013 team first.

    chirag sachdeva said...


    Submit the JEE mains 2013 application form as soon as possible because last date of receiving the application form is 26th December 2012. In January 2013, you are given chance to rectify your mistake.

    archit rastogi said...

    I have made a mistake in the application form. I have put the ‘yes’ option on “Person with disability”, but putting option should be ‘no’ because I am not disable. It was just a mistake.
    So, I kindly request you to look upon this. Please sir help me. I am very very afraid of it.

    chirag sachdeva said...

    archit Rastogi,

    Send confirmation page to JEE mains 2013 team and wait for rectification page provided in month of January 2013.

    Krishan Saini said...

    I have made mistake in writing the name below the photograph being not done intentially but now want to correct it so kindly give me the suggestion for getting out of this mistakenly problem....

    chirag sachdeva said...


    I am giving you a link from where you get notify JEE mains 2013 team about the problem. here is the link-

    chandra shekhar prasad singh said...


    i had sent my confirmation page printed on a A4 size paper with all formalities done in A4 size envelope to the address given by cbse...

    i had sent it on 5/12/12--and when i tracked it on speed post website it showed that it recieved on 8/12/12...

    so i want to ask that why my confirmation page is not recieved/processed by them till now....

    today was there uploading that that is 24/12/12...still it is not uploaded

    plzz tell me wat must be the poblem

    chirag sachdeva said...


    It is on JEE Mains team to process the application forms. They are receiving JEE mains 2013 applications in bulk. So, it would take time.

    chandra shekhar prasad singh said...

    but my friends who sent it after me, there page is also received???

    chirag sachdeva said...


    May be it is due to the varied location. I cannot comment on this.

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