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  • After JEE mains 2013 exam application form submission, many students will going to check JEE mains 2013 exam application form status. I have seen many complaints by students regarding the wrong filling of the choice in JEE mains 2013 application form.

    Some students filled paper-2 instead of selecting paper-1, some selected paper-1 instead of selecting paper-2. These students are asking questions like this- will we get a chance to fill the JEE mains 2013 application form again, can we fill JEE mains 2013 application form again, How to rectify the JEE mains application form mistake. There are many questions like this, the solution to all these problems is the JEE mains status checking.

    These time, many students are filling the JEE mains 2013 online application form and making mistakes while filling the online application form. It is my advice to all these students to be careful while filling your personal information. Some wrong information in the JEE mains 2013 application form will affect your career.

    The JEE mains 2013 application form registration, procedure, online apply and many more details are available in the links given below. You will get to know details about JEE mains 2013 exam application form online apply. The links to access JEE mains 2013 online apply procedure is as follows-

    Once you gone through the above links, it’s become easier for the students to get the required JEE mains and JEE advanced information. All above links are well written for students only. Go through the above links and if you have any doubt then let us know by your comments.

    Check JEE mains 2013 exam application form status

    You people are desperate to know JEE mains 2013 exam application form status but before that, you must know something about JEE mains 2013 exam. What is JEE main? The AIEEE exam is named as JEE mains exam and AIEEE exam is no more known as AIEEE. The exam pattern and selection process has also been changed.

    Earlier, it was valuation of the AIEEE exam which decides your final result but from this year, 40 percent class 12th weightage is collaborated with 60 percent JEE mains 2013 exam weighatge. The final JEE mains 2013 result will be out on the basis of class 12th percentage and also on JEE mains 2013 exam. So, from this year, laid focus on class 12th marks as well.

    The students who are eligible for the JEE mains are required to register online. As I already said above that be careful while filling the JEE mains online application form. If you still made any mistake by chance then try to revert the action by clicking on edit button. If you got the application number then you cannot revert back then best solution is to drop a mail at or call at toll free number at 18001803456.

    Ask from the helpline number or from email address and perform the action suggested by them. I hope that above steps help students to revert the changes in JEE mains 2013 application form.

    Now, the golden rupee question- how to check JEE mains 2013 exam application form status. The solution is as below-

    I am listing official website of the JEE mains, where you can check the application form status. The link to websites is as follows-

    The two websites are listed above. Check the above websites for JEE mains 2013 status checking. Examsexpert team will notify you when you will get application status update at above links. Bookmark and subscribe the page so get to get regular updates on JEE mains 2013 exam.

    Updated- Check JEE mains 2013 exam status at this url address-


    Siddharth said...

    I have made a mistake in filling the jee mains form. However, I have not made any payment. I have only recieved an application number.

    I picked yes for the 'IMPROVEMENT FOR 12th BOARD/QUALIFYING EXAM', though I am in twelfth right now,, and will appear for the first time in board exams in 2013.
    The CBSE helpline says that the correction link will come out in dec/jan. Will I get an option to rectify this particular mistake then?
    This is the current application status for my form.
    Application Current Status

    "You have successfully submitted Online Application for JEE (Main) - 2013. The processing of Application Form will begin only after the successfully payment of Examination Fee and receiving the Confirmation Page."

    Since the processing of application has not started, should I fill out another application form, or pay with the current application?

    chirag sachdeva said...


    My suggestion is not to go for another application form filling. Many application forms will expected to be recjected because of multiple submission. so, keep in touch with JEE mains 2013 team.

    Wait for January 2013.

    abhijeet said...

    i had send my confirmation page along with demand draft.
    but my photo is without date and name,,,
    what should i do now? i m really worried

    please help me out.

    chirag sachdeva said...


    Read the above article, you will get answer and solutions.This thread is already answered.

    Atish Sharma said...

    i wanna change from pen and paper to computer mode test
    i hav filled an application but hav not done payment yet
    now should i pay 800 or 500 rs.

    chirag sachdeva said...

    Atish Sharma,

    The JEE mains 2013 exam fee for computer based test is Rs 500 and exam fee for pen and paper based test is Rs 800.

    You cannot get edit option now. wait for January, JEE mains team said that they update edit page in January 2013.

    Suv pari said...


    I have made a mistake in filling the jee main form. However, I have made payment.

    I picked yes for the 'IMPROVEMENT FOR 12th BOARD/QUALIFYING EXAM', though i padded 12th in 2012.And i have provided wrong roll no (12th).

    Will it affect my carrier ?

    Unknown said...

    Hi Chirag,

    I was filling the form for my younger brother and by mistake selected SC category but he is general category and form no has been generated. I found the error when amount i needed to pay was half .
    I am not able to fill another form.Please help.

    chirag sachdeva said...


    The new updation page will be provided to candidates who made mistake while filling the application form.

    The new JEE mains 2013 registration page will be available in first week of January 2013.

    Anku Ahuja said...

    sir i have mistakenly wrote my name as Nishant Ahuja whereas in matriculate certificate it is nishant. kindly suggest what shoul i do.

    chirag sachdeva said...


    You need to read the post given below-

    Correct JEE mains 2013 exam application form

    I understand your frustration. You need to talk to CBSE toll free number and talk to them. they can solve your problem.

    I suggest you to fill the application form again but first suggest from CBSE toll free number.

    chirag sachdeva said...


    Read the JEE mains 2013 post given below-

    Correct mistakes in JEE mains 2013 application form

    Suman Samanta said...

    Sir, can you suggest me some other Joint examination...for engineering other than jeemains......???? like any other private institute like KIIT,etc

    chirag sachdeva said...


    I do not know any. My complete focus in on JEE mains, JEE advanced, NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER, Gate and Bank exams. I do not got time to update more exams.

    Sahil Goyal said...

    i have sent my form in an normal envelop not in A4 size but my all information are correct please tell me what to do?

    chirag sachdeva said...


    If JEE 2013 mains team found it valid then its OK else you will be in trouble. The application form and other documents must be in good condition.

    Nishant Sharma said...

    I have posted the form correctly according to the requirements in December 1st week but my application status is saying that it is yet to be received/processed what should I do somebody please help me!!!!

    chirag sachdeva said...


    Check speed post status and then check application form status. If something wrong there then contact JEE mains team by calling at toll free numbers or through email address.

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