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  • Many students want to check NEET UG 2013 exam application form status. NEET UG 2013 application forms are available to students from 1st December 2012.  You can easily download and access the NEET UG 2013 application form with reference of examsexpert website.

    Check NEET UG 2013 exam application form status

    It is early to say about the mistakes done by the students. Many students are unaware with the choice of seats and qualifying codes. The qualifying codes are confusing for the students to understand. I have seen some queries from students while filling the NEET UG 2013 exam application form. 

    NEET UG 2013 online registration causes technical server error.  Some students complained that technical server problem exists, each time they want to register NEET UG 2013 application form.

    Due to the bulk of traffic or website is still under maintenance, many technical problems seem to be there on and solution to these problems is to wait, wait and wait. The last date to apply for NEET UG 2013 exam is 10th January 2013. You have many days in your hand.

    If someone by chance made mistake in the NEET UG 2013 online application form then you can revert your changes back only once. It is rumor that one time editing opportunity is given to students except for exam center, language medium etc.

    I am writing this article because I know many of the students are willing to know the NEET UG 2013 exam application form status. Some forget to write the application number on the envelope, which needs to be sent at CBSE address. Some mention wrong qualifying code, some choose wrong choice of seats and some forget to paste photograph and attest the NEET 2013 form from gazette officer.

    There are many mistakes for sure. I am giving you link from where you can check NEET UG 2013 exam application form status. You need to have your application number while checking the status of the exam. Moreover, you must have speed post or registered post number with you.

    You need to visit the above website and then check the NEET UG 2013 application form status. You can also proceed for the NEET UG 2013 exam admit card download. I am going to cover the NEET UG 2013 admit card download in my later posts.

    Keep subscriber of examsexpert website and bookmark this page so that in future you can easily check back the NEET UG 2013 exam application form status. Moreover, if you are willing to know official website of the NEET UG 2013 exam then link is given below-


    NEWS said...

    1.attest NEET 2013 form from gazette officer
    Pls tell about gazette officer from whom the attestation is to be done.

    chirag sachdeva said...


    Any gazette officer from your neighborhood can attest your documents. There is nothing like high class gazette officer or low class gazette officer. the signature and stamp of any gazette officer is OK.

    kartik said...

    I have done a mistake in my confirmation page and posted it . Both of my photographs are attested instead of one. Will that be a problem ?
    Please tell

    Shine Sgm said...

    My father expired, den wat should i fill in occupation n annual income options.

    chirag sachdeva said...


    I do not think it would create an issue but you should report it to CBSE either through mail id or through toll free numbers.

    james pewter said...

    sir have you any information about aiims mbbs forms 2013.I've searched all over internet but found nothing.

    chirag sachdeva said...


    If they ask for family income then state your mother income or your father pension else write "expired".

    chirag sachdeva said...


    Yes, I have got AIIMS 2013 exam syllabus and application form link. Check the link given below-

    AIIMS 2013 exam news

    Soumyadip Ghosh said...

    Sir, the printout of my confirmation pg was not printed clearly and i have send it. Wil it be a problem?

    chirag sachdeva said...


    You must send clear print out. It is written in instructions that documents should be in good condition. It is on NEET UG 2013 team to take final decision.

    Garima Goel said...

    sir,i have typed my e-mail address,please help me how can i correct it in the application form

    chirag sachdeva said...


    One time editing opportunity is given to candidates. so, wait for the golden opportunity.

    samarpal sandhu said...

    @chirag sachdeva
    sir i have missed the 4th step ,i sent my application form ((post) without pasting the address slip though i have written my name,address,postal code,application number and the address to which it has to be posted correctly ,will my form be accepted ? plz reply as soon as possible!!

    chirag sachdeva said...


    Keep checking the speed post number or check the NEET UG 2013 application form using the link given above.

    Soumyadip Ghosh said...

    The documents in my confirmation page are clear but the photo box and the left hnd impression are not clear.

    chirag sachdeva said...


    It is on NEET team to decide whether to approve your application form or not?

    casper said...

    Hi could you post the exact link to check neet exam application form status...your link directs us to the official neet website homepage and I can not find this NEET UG 2013 application form status ...Pls help sorry for being a noob

    chirag sachdeva said...


    The information will be updated in this page only. So, always keep on checking official website pages. After the last date, application status will be available.

    kuljinder goraya said...

    I m from Punjab State.
    Can i apply for AIIMS ug 2013.?
    whwn the forms are avialable ?

    chirag sachdeva said...


    Yes, You can apply for AIIMS 2013. Check the link given below-

    AIIMS 2013 online application forms

    Vaibhav Nikam said...

    sir, During neet form fill up i mistakenly entered my wrong DOB but now i want to change it. In editing form they shown that Message!!
    There is no candidate with this details. Kindly try with the correct inputs.
    Also application status does not show . i send my conformation page at 27 dec.
    Reply fast................................

    chirag sachdeva said...


    Contact Neet team and it chances that they may reject your form because it is clear in instructions that if some information is wrong then they have right to reject the form without any prior notice.

    It's better to talk to them over the helpline or email address.

    hemant sharma said...

    Sir, i have lost my registeration no. How can i check my applictaion status of Neet.

    chirag sachdeva said...


    You need to contact the NEET team so that you can get your admit card easily.

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